Shipment control

GET api/ShipmentOuts/{Idx}

Returns specific order by pnpline Idx.

POST api/ShipmentOuts/Address?orderID={orderID}&keyType={keyType}

Update a shipment out Address to PNPLINE Don't apply Shipment that is status on Cancel and Delete

POST api/ShipmentOuts/CarrierType?orderID={orderID}

Update a shipment out CarrierType to PNPLINE

POST api/ShipmentOuts/Status?orderID={orderID}&keyType={keyType}

Update a PNPLINE shipment status

GET api/ShipmentOuts/ShippingPrices/{Idx}

Get a shipping carrier price list.

GET api/ShipmentOuts/ShippingPrices?orderID={orderID}

Get a shipping carrier price list

GET api/ShipmentOuts/ShippingPrice?orderID={orderID}

Get a shipping carrier price

GET api/ShipmentOuts/ShippingBoxInfoes?orderID={orderID}&keyType={keyType}

Get a shipping box list

POST api/ShipmentOuts/TestGetValue

No documentation available.

GET api/ShipmentOuts/OptimizedLocation?countryCode={countryCode}&stateCode={stateCode}

Returns the warehouse location that's optimized to send a package.

GET api/ShipmentOuts/OptimizedLocationList?countryCode={countryCode}

Returns the list that shows states, and optimized warehouse locations to send the package from.

GET api/ShipmentOuts/BackOrders

Get all the back orders

GET api/ShipmentOuts/CartonInfo?CreateFromIdx[0]={CreateFromIdx[0]}&CreateFromIdx[1]={CreateFromIdx[1]}

No documentation available.

GET api/ShipmentOuts

Returns all of the shipment out

GET api/ShipmentOuts?orderID={orderID}

Returns specific order by CustomerShipmentId

POST api/ShipmentOuts

Create Send a shipment out information to PNPLINE

PUT api/ShipmentOuts

Update Send a shipment out information to PNPLINE


GET api/Labels/ShippingPrices

Search the shipping prices from available carriers.

POST api/Labels/ShippingPrices

Search the shipping prices from available carriers.


GET api/Forward/{Idx}

No documentation available.

GET api/Forward?keyType={keyType}&keyValue={keyValue}&status[0]={status[0]}&status[1]={status[1]}&importerCompanyIdx[0]={importerCompanyIdx[0]}&importerCompanyIdx[1]={importerCompanyIdx[1]}&minETD={minETD}&maxETD={maxETD}&minETA={minETA}&maxETA={maxETA}&minEDD={minEDD}&maxEDD={maxEDD}

No documentation available.

GET api/Forward/Track

No documentation available.


GET api/Inventory?sku[0]={sku[0]}&sku[1]={sku[1]}

No documentation available.


Shipment control

GET api/ShipmentIns/{Idx}

Returns specific order by pnpline Idx .

POST api/ShipmentIns/Status?orderID={orderID}

Update a shipment in Status to PNPLINE

GET api/ShipmentIns?keyType={keyType}&key={key}

Returns specific order by MASTERKEYTYPE and KEY.

GET api/ShipmentIns?orderID={orderID}

Returns specific order by CustomerShipmentId.

POST api/ShipmentIns

Send a shipment in information to PNPLINE ApiInformationKey : PostShipmentIns


Getting the codes information

GET api/Values

GET API for testing.

POST api/Values

Post API Test


Getting the codes information

GET api/Webhook

Receive a list of all Webhooks

GET api/Webhook/{webhooktype}

Receive a single Webhook information.

POST api/Webhook/Subscribe

Subscribe the webhook

POST api/Webhook/Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe the webhook.


This API shows how to implement receiving data from PNPLINE. Please contact PNPLINE to receiving the data. After implement same function on you website, you can give url to PNPLINE.

GET api/ReceivingData/ShipmentStatus?orderID={orderID}&shipmentType1={shipmentType1}&shipmentType2={shipmentType2}&status={status}&trackingNo={trackingNo}&shippedDate={shippedDate}

Receiving shipment status to your system. please contact PNPLINE to get these information. It will not process anything.


GET api/Products

Returns all of the products

GET api/Products?sku={sku}

Return specific product information

POST api/Products

Create Send a product information to PNPLINE

DELETE api/Products?sku={sku}

Delete product information